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Anime4TheWorld, aka A4TW

We are a community dedicated to animemanga, AMVs and EDM music aka 'electronic dance music'.

A4TW is also a video editing studio specialized in the art of creating AMVs, aka 'Anime Music Videos',

and in this art, A4TW is unique.

What makes us so 'unique'?

  • We are dedicated to 'fast BPM' EDM music genres.

  • We are the only AMV studio that collaborates with Hardstyle / Hardcore DJ's.

  • We have our own unique video editing style that we keep improving.

  • And we don't follow 'traditional AMV editing rules'.

Hey YouTubers !

As a fellow YouTuber

I recognize the endless frustrations that video creators face every day on the YouTube platform.

So, to help you out here's my list of YouTube tools that you can get for free.

These channel management tools integrate directly with your web-browser as plug-in's

Tube Buddy logo
VidIQ Logo.jpg

Do you want to know more about video editing and AMV's ?

A4TW no rules, only passion  

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