- A4TW -

AMV's with no rules, Just passion

Anime4TheWorld, aka A4TW

We are a community dedicated to animemanga, AMVs and EDM music aka 'electronic dance music'.

A4TW is also a video editing studio specialized in the art of creating AMVs, aka 'Anime Music Videos',

and in this art, A4TW is unique.

What makes us so 'unique'?

This is why A4TW is unique:

  • We are dedicated to 'fast BPM' EDM music genres.

  • We are the only AMV studio that collaborates with Hardstyle / Hardcore DJ's.

  • We have our own unique video editing style that we keep improving.

  • And we don't follow 'traditional AMV editing rules'.

 -It Begins, Again -

The old site address (anime4theworld.webs.com) is no longer active

(https://anime4theworld.wixsite.com/a4tw) is the new address, but it is also more easily accessible through here:



And so, after almost 4 years the site is up and running ones more, Anime4TheWorld 2.0 is now online ;)

From here on I will keep adding more content to the site, based on your suggestions.

BTW, what I always say also apply's here, feedback is very important, it will help improve the site over time, so don't hesitate to leave a comment here or here.

 -The Anime4TheWorld Objectives -

* Build up A4TW to be one of the best, Video editing / anime / AMV / electronic music / otaku related community ever.

* Inspire people to make more (Hardstyle AMV's) and better quality AMV's in general.

* Make more, great quality AMV's, by developing unique editing styles.

* Create a live 'AMV-TV' to stream the best AMVs to the world.

* Organize and host a AMV contest for high bpm electronic music only

Hi, my name is Claudio.
I was born near Lisbon 'Portugal', in 1989.
By the time I was 7 years old, I soon began to move all over Europe, and spended a few years living in each of these countries;
Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands,
I'm currently living in Belgium (since 2008). 
All this 'moving around' from country to country has gifted me the opportunity to learn Portuguese Dutch French Spanish and English
Also getting to know people that have completely different cultures and values has opened up my mind in a lot of ways, this at an early age.
I'm the creator and artist behind the Anime4TheWorld Studio, I'm also the director, video editor, sound technician, graphics designer, community manager and administrator.
Other things I do;
Repairing and or maintaining the PC's / network and the website.
Those are all the roles I have to exercise to 'keep things running smoothly '.
The A4TW project started almost 10 years ago
Today *A4TW is no longer just a YouTube channel, its has become a cross-platform network community where we can share, enjoy and learn from each other.
BTW my favorite music is Hardstyle, but I also listen to a variety of 'electronic music in general', examples are:
Trap, Dubstep, Techno, R&B, DnB, Hardcore (aka Gabber music), these are some examples.
If you want to know more about my Tastes In Music, then you can watch my personal playlist

- The artist behind A4TW -

The story of CAFT

- a Hardstyle AMV was borne -

This is how it all started

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