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- A4TW -

AMV's with no rules, Just passion

Anime4TheWorld, aka A4TW

We are a community dedicated to animemanga, AMVs and EDM music aka 'electronic dance music'.

A4TW is also a video editing studio specialized in the art of creating AMVs, aka 'Anime Music Videos',

and in this art, A4TW is unique.

What makes us so 'unique'?

  • We are dedicated to 'fast BPM' EDM music genres.

  • We are the only AMV studio that collaborates with Hardstyle / Hardcore DJ's.

  • We have our own unique video editing style that we keep improving.

  • And we don't follow 'traditional AMV editing rules'.

 -It Begins, Again -

The old site address ( is no longer active

( is the new address, but it is also more easily accessible through here:



And so, after almost 4 years the site is up and running ones more, Anime4TheWorld 2.0 is now online ;)

From here on I will keep adding more content to the site, based on your suggestions.

BTW, what I always say also apply's here, feedback is very important, it will help improve the site over time, so don't hesitate to leave a comment here or here.

- The artist behind A4TW -

The story of CAFT

 -The Anime4TheWorld Objectives-

* Build up A4TW to be one of the best, Video editing / anime / AMV / electronic music / otaku related community ever.

* Inspire people to make more (Hardstyle AMV's) and better quality AMV's in general.

* Make more, great quality AMV's, by developing unique editing styles.

* Create a live 'AMV-TV' to stream the best AMVs to the world.

* Organize and host a AMV contest for high bpm electronic music only

A4TW no Rules, only Passion

AMV Logo
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